The Elite Performance Centre (EPC) is our advanced youth structure for both male & female players and offers an automatic access route in to our Pre-Academy.

Aimed at Year 3 to Year 9 students, the EPC offers a weekly structured training provision that also provides competitive fixtures against talented opposition.


    Based over five blocks of seven week, the EPC create an opportunity for you to not just participate in football, but also to focus more on improving you as a player in a fun and structured way.

    Squads are limited to 14 – 18 players, dependant on age group and involvement will be invite only from our trial processes.

    Year 3 to Year 6: 14 Players

    Year 7 to Year 9: 18 players



    Sessions will work to our yearly coaching syllabus and will work heavily on improving confidence, developing personality; whilst also working on your football techniques and tactical elements of the game.

    Our session is broken in to five blocks of seven weeks, and each week leads on from the previous session.

    BLOCK                               COACHING FOCUS                           DATES

    ONE:                                   MASTER THE PASS                            9th September – 21st October

    Sessions within this block are focussed on the technique and importance of passing.

    TWO:                                  AMENDING DEFENDING               4th November – 16th December

    Sessions within this block are focussed on how to defend as an individual and as a team.

    THREE:                               GOALS! GOALS! GOALS!               13th January – 3rd March (No session on 17th February)

    Sessions within this block are focussed on the attacking principles of football.

    FOUR:                                 NO ‘I’ IN TEAM                                      10th March – 5th May (No session on 7th April and 14th April)

    Sessions within this block are focussed on formations and job roles within a team unit.

    FIVE:                                    “CAN YOU SAY THAT AGAIN?!”                       12TH May – 7th July (No session on 2nd June or 9th June)

    Sessions within this block revisit the main points taught across the previous four blocks.

  • FEES

    Fees for the 2016/2017 season have been set at an introductory rate of £35 for a seven week block; however from September 2017 these rates will increase to £55 per block.

    Included within this Fee

    – ALL weekly training sessions.

    – Individual player reviews at the end of each block.

    – Competitive fixtures at the end of each block.

    – An EDSV Academy personalised session review booklet.


    Additional to the fees required for each block, all players wishing to be a part of The Elite Performance Centre MUST purchase EDSV Academy apparel. This is expected to be worn at every training session/fixture and EDSV Academy coaching staff hold the right to refuse participation within a session if it is not worn.

    Exact amounts cannot be given as the kit element of our fee isn’t determined until Nike releases their new brochure; however your training package will consist of:

    X1 EDSV Academy Nike Training Jumper, x1 EDSV Academy Nike Training Tee, x1 EDSV Academy Nike Training Short, x1 EDSV Academy Nike Training sock, x1 personalised EDSV Academy water bottle, x1 EDSV Academy wristband.


    You will need to register for our trials. CLICK HERE to complete our application form.

    NOTE: Please be sure to select the correct age group and gender on the Elite Performance Centre Options.