Founded in 2012, The EDSV Academy set out to provide elite opportunities for talented youngsters in football.

Our first provision was our Education Academy for 16-19 year olds, and for the last four years we have been producing results both in the classroom and on the football pitch.

Working in an industry that has a stigma attached to it, we have worked tirelessly to ensure our offering doesn’t ‘fit the mould’. Parents & guardians need to know that the development of their child is catered for and we believe that two main questions arise when researching a football education programme;

  1. How successful is the academic option?
  2. What will the football development be?

To date, 96.5% of our student athletes have left us with the qualifications required for their chosen career path. On the pitch we have won six league titles, had nine players sign for professional teams and over thirty sign forms for semi-professional sides.

In more recent times, we have developed our ‘product’ for the younger age groups with the beginning of our Pre-Academy (PA), Elite Performance Centre (EPC) & Holiday Camps (HC).

Continuing to focus on elite performance, both our PA & our EPC offers a professional environment for talented children to develop within. The coaching is detailed and the development of the players involved is consistently reviewed.

We believe that our ethos and our approach to coaching is personable and one that we want to share to all age ranges.

When thinking about the talented kids we are fortunate enough to coach, we begun to consider what other exit routes we could create for them. This led to our latest initiative… AFC Oaklands.

In partnership with Oaklands College, AFC Oaklands is a Semi-Professional Football Club with the aspiration to build dreams. For the 2016/2017 football season, we will have a men’s senior side, as well as an u10 & u12 boys team.

Our desire is to extend this in to a structure that accommodates both males and females from the ages of u8 through to adult football, and allows those involved the opportunity to enjoy and excel.

So that is the little business of ours. We are aware that we may not be for everybody. Interested parties may read this and think that they only want to participate within sport as a recreational hobby and not have it taken so seriously. We understand and appreciate this and if that is you then we wish you well, however if you are as serious about development as we are, then please apply.